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a certain monotone baka resides here
off to the swing under the plastic tree on the hill
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30th-Oct-2020 10:30 am(no subject)
wish upon a star

This journal is semi-locked due to manry breast overload.
11th-Jul-2010 11:37 pm(no subject)
wish upon a star

Goddamn it's ungodly warm here.
wish upon a star
Post reserved for me, faustusfaustine, and beayuu and our going to be wunnerful Professor Layton performance at CAF.

↓↓↓ WARNING: terrible stickmen ahead. Don't laugh, I was on coke. ↓↓↓
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COMING SOON: ~edited soundtrack
19th-Apr-2010 01:05 am(no subject)
wish upon a star
Meh I kinda hate the weather now cause it's like BURNING AND SEARING at one moment and then when you get off the train it's pouring cats and dogs although I don't mind rain that much

Also I almost watched How to Train Your Dragon again on Friday evening! But there weren't any slots left :'| I really need to use up those 5 complimentary tickets before May...

Okay gonna post some pics under the cut

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12th-Apr-2010 12:43 am(no subject)
wish upon a star
Emmental ♂ Lv. 43
Subway ♂ Lv. 44
シナロルス Cinarolls ♀ Lv. 44
Locomoto ♀ Lv. 44
Jooli ♂ Lv. 44

Probaby the most unbalanced team ever durp.

I can't decide who's going to be my 3rd member currently the spot is being filled up by a HM slave lawl.

Currently at Blackthorn City yet to challenge the gym : |a
31st-Mar-2010 11:48 pm - why is my subway so cold baaaw
wish upon a star

I restarted my Japanese SS, so before I deleted my game I had level 63 Feraligatr, Arcanine, Ampharos, Slowbro and Togetic on Mount Silver. Uhm I was reading the Nightmare Fuel tropes the other day and was thinking wow shit isn't that like wiping off their existence omg

But yeahh so far I beat Morty and currently my pokemon are level 26:

ペアソール Pearasaur M
らミュん Ramyun M
シナロルス Cinarolls

And I just patched my HG so right now I'm at Cherrygrove with

Subway Lv.11 M

Lmao I have a bad habit of overlevelling my pokemon at the start

I need to change my layout to match my Korea icons hahaha


23rd-Mar-2010 12:59 am(no subject)
wish upon a star


You can even pet him ahhhhh asklfdjasldf so 귀여워~

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