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a certain monotone baka resides here
off to the swing under the plastic tree on the hill
23rd-Mar-2010 12:59 am
wish upon a star


You can even pet him ahhhhh asklfdjasldf so 귀여워~

Kay well I was supposed to see the dentist on Saturday but it was raining extra hard so I didn't go lmao. But I still had to go out and meet faust anyway. Also I'm a dumbass and left my cable at the office so my iPhone was really really flat | D"' So I'm left phoneless for the entire day and then until like today

When I got out it was still raining, and I misread Faust's message as meet her at SweetTalk instead of the bus interchange. At first I walked around the moment I alighted but my faulty memory proved me wrong so I went around asking for directions, yeah they gave me the directions of a bubble tea shop alright, but it was the wrong shop : | Then I thought hey Faust mentioned there's a SweetTalk at her house downstairs SO I went there and then distressed when I waited for like half an hour with no sign of her. Then I took the chance to turn on my iPhone which only had 6% battery life left then and called her lmao then yeah we finally reunited \o/ in the rain | D"'

Oh fuck I just burnt my pancakes kay only a little but they still taste good and I hate my toaster so fucking much it burns things even though it's only for 5 minutes щ(≖益≖щ)

Back to the report, our first destination is Arab Street! Lawl I realise how weird this is without photos but like I said earlier my iPhone ran out of battery SO NO PHOTOS FOR YOU JUST IMAGINE IT

So yessss we went to look for fabrics lawl dammit Lickilicky why is your outer coat's colour so hard to find : | Also scored cloth for making a vest for waiter!Korea, gonna start sewing it myself one of these days (` ▽ ´)ノ☆

Next stop was Bugis~ we had fish and chips at I forgot the place's name but the fish was really great! And it had battered shitake mushroom which is a plus for me~

There was a cart selling ties so I got a couple for waiter!Korea because I couldn't decide which hahaha when my vest is done I'll try with both to see which one goes better. I also got this baby take a gander guys

Yessss it's a fork-shaped tie clip. It's actually silver at the base and gradually gradients to gold at the handle which was really cool! There was a spoon version too but I like this one better hahaha if only faust was in the Hetalia Cafe project as Japan or kuroro as Hong Kong we could get matching clips hohohoho~ I guess this means the tie has to be outside of the vest or something...

Fast forwarding I met up with my sis at Little India and got back a hundred which she owed me and got told off for having no sense of direction lmao

Guess what guess what Faust showed me this Korean supermarket next to Berlington square! Omg we actually found McCol there omg man

Well it's kinda like... coke with burnt cracker smell to me, Faust says it's like fizzy coffee lmao but it doesn't taste bad really. You guys should give it a try someday if you ever see it!

We also got this little baby

It's honey hotcakes in case you're wondering it's pretty yummy I think especially with some butter on top, you actually have to heat them up before eating lawl

Uhhh what else yeah we went to G2000 and got my pinstripe pants... and then we walked to Dhoby Ghaut and hanged out at the arcade which was mostly waiting because apparently there was an event and you know, the usual SGCafe people hogging machines ¬ ___ ¬"' But holy shit JUBEAT HAS HARU HARU IN IT WTF BIG BANG WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY KONAMI MACHINES INVADE MOAR PRS alkfjskldf but it was only a minute plus long which made me dissapoint but it was fun playing it and there was a really cute version of Natsumatsuri in it too!

Alright gotta stop fagging and go to sleep. Night all!

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22nd-Mar-2010 05:29 pm (UTC)
Unfortunately it isn't : (
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